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How Grief Counseling Can Help

Task 1:  Facing Reality

While living in denial can offer a temporary benefit, it can be harmful in the long run.  Grief counseling can help you face the reality of your loss and begin the healling process.

Task 2:  Getting Through the Pain

It is normal to react to a loss with strong emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, and guilt.  Many people become perilously stuck in a charged emotional state.  Grief counseling can help you move through and beyond your pain.

Task 3:  Adapting to Change

A loss brings with it a need to cope with and adapt to bewildering changed circumstances.  Grief counseling can provide practical guidance for your new challenges. 

Task 4:  Revising Goals

Because a loss can shatter dreams and plans, it is often accompanied by an internal crisis.  Grief counseling can assist you with the recovery and redefinition of your life meaning and purpose. 

Task 5:  Reaching Acceptance

The goal of grieving is acceptance and the ability to move forward in a life affirming mannner.  Grief counseling can help you reach your goal. 

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